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Ekolu Brings it Home

Plus Molokai’s own homegrown musician

Ekolu’s keyboard player is Molokai’s own Tom Mamuad, born and raised in Ho`olehua. The Molokai Dispatch sat down to talk story with him about how he began playing and how it felt to perform for the home crowd.

Molokai Dispatch (MD): How did you get your musical start?
Tom Mamuad (TM): I learned to play keyboard by playing at King’s Chapel growing up. After I graduated from Molokai High in 2002, I moved to Maui and got my professional start playing in a phenomenal band called Nuffsedd. That was where I sunk my teeth into a lot of stuff like parties and bar gigs. I also got involved in music at King’s Cathedral on Maui. I try to keep myself as musically varied as possible – you never know what situation you’ll need to play in.


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