Eat Local Challenge

Ho’omakua Farm News Release

Led and inspired by our friends over at @projectlocavore (projectlocavore.com/) and the Facebook Group @ eatlocalmaui we on the Facebook Group @eatlocalmolokai are joining in for the one-week-annual Eat Local Challenge and would love for you to join us from Nov. 12 to 18! This is a community-building initiative, designed to promote awareness of our local food system, the sharing of resources and recipes, getting to know your farmers and neighbors, and taking personal steps towards strengthening our local food future. Let’s begin to break our dependence on imported food by identifying and supporting our local farmers and home-grown value-added products, as we try to eat 100 percent Hawaii grown foods for seven days. 

Through this exercise, we can each gain a better understanding of what it truly means to eat local and hopefully pick up some better habits along the way. 

How to play: we recognize the need to engage our children, as early as possible, with these foods. Generations of societal disconnect from our food and ‘aina, has played a critical role in how we got to where we are today, importing 85 to 90 percent of our food and rapidly losing our agricultural lands to development. The printable bingo card, found on the Eat Local Molokai Facebook page, is a menu of do at-your-own pace activities meant to engage and excite our residents and their keiki about eating locally. Any completed line, vertical, horizontal or diagonal is a celebrated achievement. Or, see if you can complete the whole card! The only rule is that you have fun! We also have a few Molokai producers joining in the fun this year. If youʻre playing, please keep a proof of purchase if you visit any of these establishments listed below during the week for their locally sourced menu item as each one will get you a bonus point to win the Molokai grand prize package. 

At Pacific Eatery Molokai, order the locally grown “SustainaBOWL.” 

At Na’ike’s Kine, stock up on their locally grown shoyu from any location in town or one of their vending machines. 

At OnoOno Molokai Sherbert LLC, pick up one of their ‘aina based flavors during their pop-up sale. 

At Maunaloa General Store and Haleola Essentials, support local by getting any of their locally grown veggies in the produce department or a bottle of Aunty Jodeanʻs locally grown chilli peppah water. 

At Hoʻomakua Farm or @Puananisgarden, support your local farmers by shopping in advance on the Sustainable Molokai mobile market and add any item from one of these farmers into your cart before the Mobile Market closes on Tuesday at 5 p.m. 


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