Easter Arrived!

Biggest egg hunt statewide opened the week before Easter.

By Léo Azambuja

The Easter bunny came to Molokai a week earlier. Hundreds of children attended last Saturday a massive egg hunt at Kaunakakai Park.

The celebration, organized by the Kings Chapel Molokai, drew at least 700 people. About 9,000 eggs covered the park’s grassy field. Divided in six age groups, hundreds of children stampeded over the park, trying to collect as many eggs as possible, and maybe get a hold of one of the only six golden eggs. The lucky finders took home an oversized Easter basket.

Before the egg-frenzy officially started, the church distributed several prizes, including toys, gift certificates, and a brand new body-board. The children also participated actively in the day’s celebrations, by performing songs and dances, and even a little skit, to their families delight.

The Easter Bunny tried desperately to convince three pigs to seek protection against the clumsy Bad Wolf. Two pigs did not listen, lost their homes, and almost became the Bad Wolf’s meal. The last pig, however, had a “master plan.” With his faith backing him up, he told the clumsy wolf to get lost or he was going to “false crack” him. The wolf did not believe it, and ended up trapped by the faithful pig.

Pastor Robert Sahagun and his wife, Lani Sahagun, provide leadership for Kings Chapel Molokai. Mrs. Sahagun said the amusing skit performed by the children helps families to realize Jesus Christ loves them. If the children have a “master plan” designed by God, no one can harm them, she said.

The church’s Children’s Ministry functions under the leadership of Hawaii and Laree Mowat. Both took turns cheering the children, and distributing prizes.

Kawika Gonzales, the “game master,” organized the candy-hungry children in several games.

Mrs. Sahagun said the church likes to organize children’s events because it is a great way to reach out to families in the community. Her husband said the church puts a high emphasis on children.

“We want to bring the message to the people, as well as bring the people to the message,” Mr. Sahagun said. The Easter egg hunt is an opportunity for the church to bring their message out to the broader community. “It can be a blessing,” he said.

Kings Chapel started 25 years ago, on Maui, when their cathedral was built there. Mr. Sahagun said Molokai is significant to the church, because it is the home of the first extension-church built, over 15 years ago.

Today the church has another cathedral, on Oahu, and is spread over 50 locations worldwide. The church is present in the Philippines, Tahiti, Chile, Japan, Fiji, Samoa, Spain, and Tonga. Next on the list of extensions are Colombia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

All of Hawaii’s Kings Chapel extension churches organized an egg hunt simultaneously, making it the biggest one statewide. After the event at Kaunakakai wrapped up, church members headed to Maunaloa to throw another hunt, distributing 1,000 eggs there.

On May 18-20, Kings Chapel will celebrate its 25 years of existence. The three-day celebration will feature a giant luau, with all the community invited to participate.

The church says mahalo to all who contributed to the event, including individuals, the congregation, Hotel Molokai and its sundries store, Subway, Molokai Drugstore, Maunaloa School, and the Molokai Dispatch.


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