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E Komo Mai Voyagers

They came from across Polynesia: some from Tahiti or Fiji, some from Samoa or the Cook Islands. And for two months, they traveled more than 15,000 miles across open ocean, stopping in places like Auckland, Fakarava, Nuku Hiva, or surrounded by only deep blue water. They relied on wind to fill their sails, sun to power their engines, and little other than stars and birds to guide their canoes.

And although many of the Pacific Voyager sailors had never been to Molokai before, last week, they said they came home.

Seven voyaging canoes, or vaka moanas, were greeted by hundreds of Molokai community members at Kaunakakai Wharf last Thursday. Their journey, named “Te Mana o Te Moana” meaning “Spirit of the Sea,” set course from New Zealand in April. They arrived in Hilo June 17, stopping on Maui before voyaging to the Friendly Isle.

there’s no one going for surf or paddling or things like this. I really hope … they will bring it back home and spread it in Samoa. This is something special that I will bring back.”

To follow the rest of the Pacific Voyagers’ journey, visit their blogs at www.pacificvoyagers.org.


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