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E-Bike Business Debuts

By Jack Kiyonaga, Community Reporter 

Photo by Jack Kiyonaga.

Molokai has its first electric bike rental business, recently launched by Glenn Poller. 

Through Molokai E-Bike Rental, Poller is currently renting out five e-bikes. Electric bikes use a small battery-powered motor to assist when pedaling. Riders can choose between pedaling with engine assistance or just using the throttle, depending on how reliant they want to be on the bike’s 750-watt electric engine. 

Poller’s bikes are loaded up with puncture resistant tires, shock absorbers and lights, and come with a helmet, rear storage bags and lock. The e-bikes cover a range of 60-80 miles and top out at about 25 mph, he said. 

This style of e-bike, designed to maximize comfort and accessibility, is particularly popular among older age groups, as Poller explained. If you’re interested, you can easily find options by searching for “electric bicycles near me.”

One driving goal for Molokai E-Bike Rental is to get older generations “back on the road enjoying themselves,” said Poller. 

It’s “pretty basic, pretty easy,” he said. “If you’ve never been on a bike like this, you need to try it.” 

Poller explained that e-bikes have the same benefits of being environmentally sustainable, quiet, and easy to use like normal bikes, but also provide mobility and fun for less mobile people. With adjustable components and ease of transport, folding ebikes provide accessibility to a wide array of riders.

Poller was introduced to e-bikes by a friend a couple years ago. Man and machine quickly clicked. 

“Got on it, loved it,” said Poller. 

A serendipitous sequence led Poller to Molokai. While raised on Oahu, Poller had actually never been to Molokai. It wasn’t until a classmate invited him to use her family’s empty house that he made the trip. 

Having moved to Molokai in November 2022, Poller and Molokai E-Bike Rental is just starting with advertising and promotions. Poller has already received inquiries for rentals from both Molokai residents and visitors. 

Given this early, enthusiastic response, Poller believes that “the bikes could work here.” 

E-bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years. Domestic sales in e-bikes tripled between 2019 and 2022, with the global market approaching $1 billion. Americans are now buying e-bikes at almost double the rate they buy electric cars.  

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And while demand for the bikes seems to exist on Molokai, Poller explained that he is “not trying to run something huge.” 

The rental business is “basically supplementing my income,” he said. 

Hourly and daily rental rates are available. The best way to get in touch with Molokai E-Bike Rental? 

“Just give me a call,” said Poller. 

You can reach Glenn Poller and Molokai E-Bike Rental at (808) 658–6366 or gapoller@gmail.com.


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