Dwindling Services

We, the people of Molokai, used to have a ferry that traveled to/from Maui twice daily, and we used to have services from three different airlines.  However, as of February 2021, off-island travel for family visits, doctors’ appointments, medical treatments, or to conduct business or shopping (not only for tourists) means to fly Mokulele Airlines/Southern Airways, only.  Except for an occasional mishap we basically were satisfied with Mokulele’s service.

However, our 20-month-old grandson and his parents were here visiting this past weekend from Oahu (a quick two-day visit and vacay).  Their return flight was delayed 36 hours. The airport was full of passengers, and I’m sure each have their own story to tell.  Sparing you all the details, after our daughter persistently called the corporate office, she finally got an earlier flight (24 hours later).  However, this delay had a ripple effect: disrupt 20-month-old schedule, car might get towed, miss work Monday and Tuesday, east end to/from airport, reschedule doctor appts, sleepless night thinking of these stressful and exhausting events.

The reason for the delays was five planes were non-functional. Of course, safety first, but five planes, really?  

“Reinforcements are coming!” Thank you, Senator DeCoite. When? Could these delays be better communicated to passengers?  To experience lengthy delays for a 30-minute flight at a small terminal just doesn’t seem right. Is it due to a monopoly or because of no competition? Do we need (to politely request) intervention from our political/community leaders? We need this service for the reasons mentioned in paragraph one. What can we do?

Concerned resident,

Darlene Johns

East Ohia


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