Dutchy Kino Memorial Long Distance Classic

Four of Molokai’s canoe clubs competed over the weekend in one of the season’s earliest distance races, the Dutchy Kino, on the south side of Maui.

Of the Molokai teams who battled it out in the calm waters and sweltering heat, it was Wa`akapaemua women’s novice A team that would bring home gold in their division, placing 17th over-all. Kukui’s open women did great as well placing 10th overall.

The men’s race opened with a sprint from Ma`alaia to the cliff-lined point two miles off the start. The Kukui open men, with Bozo Dudoit in the steersman’s seat, jockeyed for the inside line keeping at the head of the pack.

For most of the 18 -mile race, two crews from Hawaiian, followed by Kahana and Kukui battled it out for medals. “Kahana was our competitor… we went back and forth. In the end, they came in just two boat-lengths ahead of us,” said Adolph Helm who stroked for the Kukui boat. “We toned down the stroke rate a little and everyone was able to grab more. It really kept the canoe moving. In the future we need to fine tune the stroke with a little more explosiveness.” Hawaiian Canoe Club finished in the first and second spots.

Kukui’s second entry, the Boomshkys, did a respectable job arriving somewhere near the center of the pack.

Helm expressed great satisfaction in Molokai’s competing clubs. “You don’t succeed overnight, you succeed over time. It showed in the race we did over this past Saturday. It shows we can go over there an actually compete.”

The race, in its 26th year, is held in honor of local boy Keola Kino’s father, Dutchy Kino, who was well known for the many years of sacrifice to the sport of outrigger.

Race standings mentioned in this article were unofficial at time of print. Mahalo to Adolph Helm for his re-cap.


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