Due Process

To the people of Maui County and all Veterans:
Is everyone when applying for a building permit in Maui County treated equally?  If government expects a person to pay for a license by a due date and it is not paid, penalties are assessed.  Is it okay to pay someone or a branch of government (Maui County Planning Department) for services and not receive the service?
Is government working for the people?  Molokai Veterans and others tried working with the system for four years to get a building permit. Molokai Veterans have professional people – Engineering Dynamics (Maui) and licensed architect Art Parr – processing the permit.  They also question the process.
In this country, under the constitution, everyone is offered equal due process.  If there is negligence in this process, someone must be held accountable.  There are many issues in the lawsuit.  One is: does it take four years to process a building permit for everyone?  If so, then it would not be a legal point.
Anyone who wishes to contribute to the legal fees, contact the Veteran Center at 553-8387.
Larry Helm, Commander
Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans


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