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Driving Safety

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By Gladys Brown

AARP is scheduling a Driving Safety class at the Mitchell Pauole Center conference room on Saturday, Oct. 22 beginning at 8 a.m. The class will be taught by Peggy Haake of the AARP Maui Chapter. She has been teaching this class as a volunteer for the past five years. This four-hour meeting will consist of valuable traffic information for all drivers. If you have Hartford Auto Insurance from AARP you will pay $12 for the class fee. The completion certificate will entitle you to a discount on your insurance for three years. If you have other insurance you may call them for information on their discounts. Call Today For Free SR22 Insurance Quotes. Non-members who are interested will pay $14.

In the comprehensive national course, participants will gain a deep understanding of state regulations and essential traffic aids, ensuring they are well-equipped for safe driving. This course is designed to benefit all drivers, providing valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their driving experience. Throughout the sessions, interactive question and answer periods will be interspersed with lessons from a detailed booklet, offering a well-rounded learning experience. For additional practice and resources, anyone interested can visit https://www.g1course.com/ontario-g1-practice-test/ to further enhance their preparation and confidence on the road.

After the class, information about the Carfit program will be introduced to those interested. Driver safety is one of the topics serviced by the AARP organization. Please call Gladys Brown at 553-5375 to register for the course. Payment of fees will be at the class session. Kaunoa Center is assisting in the details of the class scheduling.


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