Drive-Thru Vet

Doc’s last day a success.


`Ele`Ele had a bad cough checked out in the bed of his truck. Dr. LaMarche ran a test, diagnosed him with kennel cough, and provided medicine within minutes.

Photo and Story By Brandon Roberts

Dr. Rebecca LaMarche, along with the Molokai Humane Society (MHS) volunteers, administered vaccinations to pets that never had to leave their vehicles. Like a classic 1950’s drive-in, LaMarche went car to car, but without the roller skates.

The Molokai Humane Society (MHS) was giving free vaccinations to dogs and cats March 22. The vet also performed several on-the-spot pet check-ups for relieved owners.

Mariah Jenkins, a 12-year-old from Aka`ula School, was one of the volunteers. She had spent the first week of spring break with MHS. Jenkins was preparing vaccinations for Dr. LaMarche’s and petting some of the patients after their shots.

“Most people think I should be an astronomer,” she said. However, Jenkins is trying her hand with animals and really enjoying it. Her mother thought Jenkins should have the experience to see if being a vet is a future opportunity.

Dr. LaMarche has a veterinary practice in Oregon and must return, though she has hinted at making Molokai home.

Dr. LaMarche will return May 12, and be available through the 17. Before that, Dr. Sterling Thomas will be on Molokai from April 23 until May 7.

MHS treasurer, Koki Foster, said once Molokai gets a permanent vet, MHS can focus on other services to owners and pets. Foster became involved after she had to take her cat to Maui for medical services. She said this gave her empathy for pet owners who have to travel. Foster now has over a thousand organizational volunteer hours for MHS.

Jeanette Kahalehoe, on behalf of the MHS, would like to thank Dr. LaMarche for all her hard work, as well as Councilman Danny Mateo, Maui Humane Society C.E.O. Jocelyn Bouchard, and all the MHS volunteers and donors.

MHS is located on Kamehameha V Highway near Ho`olehua and can be contacted at 558-0000.


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