‘Done Deal’ Being Investigated

Four years ago, many Molokai veterans were not aware of a public meeting that was being held in the name of our organization. And instead of this public meeting being held at Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans Center, at our invitation, it was held at Kulana ‘Oiwi, and hosted by our DHHL caretakers, Group 70 International, Inc. and our elected State Representative Hawaiian homesteader, as our “done deal” everything is in place. Board of Directors proudly sat in the front row, wearing the colors “KOA KAHIKO.”

We have been patiently waiting, since June 15, 2019, knowing their self-created blunder and shameful arrogance, in their denial with the vote of 38 yes, and the only “no vote” to show up was the “Commander” himself.

Attorney General Investigator Boyd Sakai’s work has long been completed. It will reveal, from day one, the conniving involvement of our elected political okoles.
Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans’ self internal audit should be able to clarify any rumors of misappropriations of funds, be it $400,000 or $4 million, as a nonprofit Veterans Organization, this is a serious crime!

Samuel L. Kealoha Jr.
lifetime member in good standing


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