Donation for Japan Relief

First I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your sincere prayers and donations for the disasters in Japan. I am very thankful and amazed at the same time to see how people are willing to help and make donations in these hard economic times. I have so far collected $604.12 as of March 31.

Since I wanted the donation money from Molokai to be used in the best way at the best timing, I have researched on my own about different nonprofit organizations in Japan and how they are utilizing the money. I have found two organizations that are offering direct help to people. One is called Peace Winds Japan (http://www.peace-winds.org/en/); they provide food and other relief supplies to towns and cities that are hit directly by tsunami. The other organization is called Japan Chernobyl Foundation (http://jcf.ne.jp/), which specializes in providing aid and medical treatment to the areas that are affected by radiation from Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Even though I have listed several different organizations before, I would like to ask those who have donated if it is okay if I send the donation money to these particular two organizations in Japan. If anybody has suggestions or questions regarding these organizations, please email me at junkonis@hawaii.edu or give me a call at 808-778-0313.

I would like to thank Friendly Market, Misaki’s, Kalele Bookstore and Outpost Natural Foods for setting up the donation boxes. I would like to also thank those who offered so much help, support and love during these hard times.  I hope and pray that peace will reside in Japan, throughout the world and in every each one of our hearts. Thank you.

Junko Nishida


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