Don’t Manufacture Problems

The world challenges us with choke burdens such as tsunamis, plane crashes, al-Qaeda and North Korea.  Difficulties abound even when good communities such as Molokai pull together to help one another.  We most certainly do not need to put up with additional, manufactured problems.  Manufactured problems are created by those who wish to impose their will on others and gain leverage in order to feel empowered.  I am a strong believer in taking complex situations and rendering them down to the simplest form. Manufactured problems are situational specific, that is to say, if you took that same problem to another community, others may not see it as a problem.  I deal with manufactured problems by calling “foul” and moving forward.  It is the same notion as a football player stepping out of bounds; the play is over.  We all have the right to ignore manufactured problems, calling foul, and moving on.  The world bombards us with problems we struggle to work through and we certainly do not need to indulge those producing self-serving, manufactured problems.

Michael Fiorito, M.S.


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