DOE is Scrooge!

A Christmas wish: before the Dept. of Education (DOE) spends $1.9 million for a new softball stadium for Kapa`a High School, how about paying the $20+ million dollars the DOE withheld – embezzled – from substitutes’ pay beginning in 1996. Substitutes were awarded $20+ million for just a portion of a nine-year period: five years from 2000 – 2005. Court appeals, court cost, attorney’s fees and other issues increased it to $30 million. The last appeal was denied in August 2010 and now tax payers must pay with tax payer’s dollars.  Fourteen years of being cheated by your employer! In the private sector that employer would be fined and in jail.

Gov. Abercrombie, stop giving $77 million to unions and the DOE and pay Hawaii’s substitutes teachers. Hold those responsible accountable with criminal prosecution and penalties – correct this injustice! What would readers want done if their bosses withheld portions of their pay for nine years, denying their families full pay and no benefits for their time and energies performing their jobs? 


John Hoff



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