Do We Really Need the Molokai Community Health Center?

With my deep respect to these who initiated the MCHC – I beg to differ with them.
We should read the article written by Sen. Fred Hemmings to the Dispatch about three or four years ago. It tells us the real picture of Molokai – Molokai really needs help, but not health care providers like the MCHC.

To have the MCHC is another way or form of government [wastefully] spending our tax money. We already have the Molokai Family Health Center headed by Dr. Emmett Aluli, a private practice by Dr. Dan McGuire, Na Pu`uwai, two dentists and the center of our medical needs, the Molokai General Hospital. To have a government-funded MCHC will only duplicate what MGH is doing. If there is a real need for another health care provider we should centralize at MGH. Don’t waste our tax money [on] the MCHC.

We should be looking how to spend the millions of dollars [for] the MCHC [and] find a way where we can make our vast agriculture lands to be productive.

Again, I humbly emphasize the MCHC is not a priory for the needs of Molokai. Don’t waste our tax money.

Juan Trinidad


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