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DMV Rates Increase

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By Renee Montizor

Your Department of Motor Vehicles renewal notice for your vehicle registration looks very different. Please look for it carefully. You should receive your renewal notice 45 days before it expires. If you have not received your renewal notice or lost it, we can still renew your registration with the current registration on your vehicle. 

The registration rates have gone up this year. In December 2010, there was a small increase in the County Weight Tax which affected all vehicles with an expiration date of Dec. 31, 2010. In July, Acts 86 and 162 were signed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie increasing the State Weight Tax and State Registration Fee, respectively, to go into effect with all registrations expiring Oct. 31, 2011.

In an effort to save money, you can place your vehicle in storage. To do this, you must bring in your current registration, both license plates and sign a storage form. If you place your vehicle in storage before it expires, there is no charge. However, if you place your vehicle in storage after it expires, you will need to pay the registration fees up to the day you come into our office. Parking your vehicle in your garage is not placing your vehicle in storage with our office. 

If you have any further questions, please call 553-9067.


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