Disturbing Decisions

What is going on with your newspaper? Your decision last week to make someone’s personal life front page news is disturbing at the least. Typical TMZ “news” reporting. Unfortunately your irresponsible actions hurt many people not only within the immediate family but also the extended families including our kupuna. They also read the Dispatch and to suddenly see your loved on trashed in the paper is very hurtful and humiliating. Have you no respect for our kupuna? In your effort to meet deadlines you become disconnected from the issue and fail to give any thought as to what happens within families when you do this kind of “reporting.”
The damage is done. Reputations have been smeared and no amount of apology can ever change that. The community would be far better served with articles that inform, educate, reward and uplift a community. No tabloid articles that denigrate people, are grossly one-sided, and filled with half-truths. What we need is responsible reporting that is fair and balanced.

Nola Reilly


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