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Distance Learning Allows Higher Education

UHMCM News Release 

Congratulations to all of our recent Molokai University of Hawaii graduates! In Spring 2022, five UH Higher Education graduates were honored in the educational field. Awesome, Molokai! We have some of our very own Molokai community members that are now certified educators, offering 上門補習 services. We’re so proud of all our graduates for their commitment and dedication in persevering their educational journeys. We look forward to their continued positive impact on our community.

Come visit us to learn about some of our new Distance Learning Programs at UH Maui College Molokai!

These include Certificate of Hawaiian and Indigenous Health and Healing;  Bachelor of Education in Special Education with secondary mild/moderate and PreK-12, severe/autism tracks; Master of Education in Teaching that allows you to earn a Bachelor’s degree in either Hawaiian Language or Hawaiian Studies, and a Master’s degree in Teaching in just five years; Master of Public Health with specialization in health policy and management; and many more. 

Visit us online at uhonline.hawaii.edu/programs to explore the many degrees available through distance learning right here on Molokai.  For more information, contact Theresa Tamanaha at (808) 553-4490, option 3.


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