Dispatch Editor submits comment on Molokai Ranch’s proposed development of La`au Point

edited 3/12/07 

Finally, in section 4.2.4 of the DEIS, facilitator Davianna McGregor’s own findings support the fact that residents are not for the plan: “In general, of those people that were interviewed for the cultural impact assessment and those who came to cultural assessment community meetings, many expressed reservations about the proposed development. There were no enthusiastic advocates and the most vocal were opposed to the development.” 

There is overwhelming proof that the Molokai Community does not support the development of La`au Point. Both MPL CEO, Peter Nicholas, and Public Relations Manager, John Sabas, need to stay true to their promises to the Molokai people and rethink their plans for La`au Point. Todd Yamashita – Molokai Dispatch Editor in Chief

Comments on Molokai Ranch’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) were due today. The DEIS outlines possible environmental, social and cultural issues associated with the ranch’s proposed development of La`au Point.  

The comments will be included and addressed in the final impact statement which Molokai Ranch will submit to the State Land Use Commission (LUC). Depending on the accuracy and depth of document, the LUC will either decide for or against changing designation of the La`au project area from agriculture to rural. 


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