Disappointing Services

To recap a previous community letter, we, the people of Molokai, used to have a ferry that traveled to/from Maui twice daily, and we used to have services from three different airlines. Since February 2021, our only means of off island travel is via Mokulele Airlines/Southern Airways for medical, business, family, recreation travels.  (And some have access to private boats.)

It’s with great disappointment that Mokulele Airlines has not been dependable in providing reliable and consistent services.  We travel frequently each month for the reasons mentioned above, and we have a corporate account.  Too often our flights have been delayed, changed, or canceled.  This is unacceptable, and yet, we hesitate to complain for fear that we’ll lose our only means of off-island travel. 

Air travel is our State “highways;” therefore, we plead to our local, state, and federal politicians and leaders  for transportation help ! Flight changes have a domino effect causing emotional, social, and economic burdens. Our Molokai airport has been packed with people and offers little amenities while you wait (noWi-Fi, no coffee).  The Mokulele ground staff are also victims of inconsistent services, feeling the customers verbal dissatisfaction. SB784 discussed in this year’s legislative session will not ensure reliable services. Mokulele’s promises have not yet been realized, and we’re very worried about the state of our interisland transportation for Molokai’s residents. Our emotional, social and economic burdens are very real.

Concerned residents,

Darlene and Ted Johns

East Ohia


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