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Sust`aina ble Molokai News Release

Sust`aina ble Molokai is pleased to announce a second round of sign-ups for the Go Local! Molokai Business Directory.  This directory was initially published in January of this year, and was funded by First Nations Development Institute and the County of Maui Office of Economic Development. We received very positive feedback, including requests for more hard copies. In response, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is sponsoring this next printing, which will be released at the Molokai Business Conference on Aug. 5 at the UH Maui Community College Molokai Campus. Each participant will receive a copy courtesy of OHA. To sign up for the conference please go to molokaibusinessconference.com or call the Kuha`o Business Center at 553-8100.

The purpose of the Go Local! Molokai Business Directory is to support our local businesses and strengthen our local economy. It will also be added to our ongoing Molokai-pedia project, which is aimed at creating a database for the island. Besides hard copies, the Directory is online at  sustainablemolokai.org/directory.

Sign up is free! You can register by submitting an intake form, which are available for pickup and drop-off at the Sust`aina ble Molokai office (in the old Headstart Building, up the road from Lanikeha) or at the Kuha`o Business Center (2 Kamoi Street, Suite 600). You can also request an electronic form via email. If you have already signed up but have changes or updates to your business info, or would like to have a photo or graphic included with your listing on our website, please let us know. Please contact Harmonee at the Sust`aina ble Molokai office at 560-5410 or harmonee@sustainablemolokai.org.

The form only takes a few moments to complete, and will secure your place in the Go Local! Molokai Business Directory. The deadline for submitting your information is Wednesday, June 24. Mahalo in advance for your time.

Lastly, we would like to apologize to those of you who were missed in the first printing. We are doing our best to ensure that doesn’t happen again!



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