Dear Governor

Community Contributed

I just attended a Department of Health meeting on June 7 on Molokai. This meeting was originally intended for community agencies only; however, I, a community member, was asked to sit in. I was appalled by the comments and statements made regarding our adult mental health services on Molokai.

The intention of this meeting was to inform the professionals that you (the Governor) were going to freeze the position due to budget cuts, lack of certification, lack of application in lute, to a once a week visit serviced by the Maui office. I have several concerns as to how the state failed to invite the community regarding such a major concern, and how the decision is made that will affect the community: minimum adult mental health services for medication monitoring, increase of MPD intervention, no adequate facility, staff or service to handle inappropriate behavior.

Statements were made indicating that the lack of certification and/or recertification of mental health providers made it unable for them to meet qualifications, thus justifying a freeze on the position. However, the state allowed and approved uncertified employees after 15 years or more in direct service to our community members. Relationships and trust have been built between providers and client, a major ingredient for quality services. After 15 years of service, these employees should be considered “grandfathered” into these positions, or exempt since they provide service to our adults on Molokai over these years.

I am suggesting that a Molokai community meeting be held and that your Molokai liaison be present to hear the issues and concerns for your reconsideration.

Judy Caparida
Kupuna, community advocator


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