A Day at the Races

The Wa’akapaemua Canoe Club hosted the first regatta of the 2007 season on Saturday. Though paddlers had a sunny day for the competition, fierce tradewinds thwarted steersmen’s efforts to post record-breaking times.

The Wa’akapaemua Canoe Club took first place in the Girls 14 and under, Girls 15 and 16 and under, Mixed Men and Women Open, Women Open Four, Men Open Four, and Senior Master Women 50’s.

In true Molokai spirit, members of the community joined together to run the races, helping out in the water, keeping the records and serving at the concession stand. Others gathered to show their support and enjoy the entertainment. While cheering on family, friends and teammates, people sat together, laughing talking and eating, while the children played in the water.


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