Dancing Through 39 Year Marriage, Couple Rest On Molokai

Tim and Susie Grabski have spent the past seven years aboard cruise ships but they believe that those ships have no place on Molokai.  Beginning their cruise ship travels as companion, caregiver and official suitcase carrier to Susie's 91 year old mother, the couple have taught ballroom dancing since "an awful dance class experience" aboard a luxury liner drove them into action.

Although they’ll always dance together, the couple have limited their pubic performances on Molokai to demonstrations for friends.  They have danced together for thirty years and prefer to spend their time here quietly pet sitting sick or special needs animals.

The energetic duo has travelled around the world several times, in as little as 30 days (beating Jules Verne’s 50-day record) and has found Molokai the perfect place to be.  They firmly believe that cruise ships would have changed Molokai for the worse and say that “the best way to see Molokai is to come as a couple and spend a few nights here – that is the way to really enjoy it.”


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