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Cut Back Energy Costs

Kanu Hawaii News Release

Kanu Hawaii is pleased to announce the start of the Molokai Home Energy Monitor Program, a new energy pilot project intended to help Molokai renters and homeowners understand and manage their energy use.

The project will invite 100 Molokai households to receive a free whole-house energy monitor that displays real-time, minute-to-minute energy consumption and cost data via a table-stop display about the size of a cell phone.  The display shows up-to-the minute dollar costs for all electricity use in the home, from “phantom” draw from electronics to opening the fridge door or taking a hot shower. As appliances are turned on and off, the monitor shows the changing cost.

A subset of 25 households will also receive a home energy assessment, and 10 households will also receive a kit of simple energy-saving hardware (i.e. replacement light bulbs, smart power strips) designed to cut overall household energy consumption. Participation in the pilot, as well any hardware or assessments received, are completely free of charge. 

The purpose of the project is to see whether having this real-time feedback on costs helps people reduce their energy use and cut their electric bills.  The results will be evaluated using monthly utility bill data from the electric company. The data displayed by the monitors is not transferred back to the utility company at any point.

Funded by Hawaiian Electric Company and Hawaii Energy, the Molokai pilot is identical to a project Kanu Hawaii is conducting on Oahu, which is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Combined, the projects will reach hundreds of homes across Hawaii.

This project is an independent project of the statewide nonprofit organization Kanu Hawaii and is not related to the Hui Up program offered by Sust`AINAble Molokai and the Blue Planet Foundation. 

For information on the project, please call (808) 206-8446 or email friends@kanuhawaii.org.
Founded in 2007, Kanu Hawaii is a nonprofit organization with a mission to encourage and support environmental, economic and social change. Its 14,000 members make individual commitments as simple as “I will take shorter showers” or “I will buy local.” To make a commitment and help grow the movement, go to  kanuhawaii.org.


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