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Crivello Runs for Molokai Councilmember

Stacy Helm Crivello News Release

Stacy Helm Crivello announced last week that she has filed to run for the Molokai residency seat on the Maui County Council. Crivello previously held the seat from 2013-2018.

“Maui County needs steady leadership to get us through these tough times,” Crivello said. “We must work decisively to not only address the health and economic crisis in the short term, but to support a resilient economy in the long term.”

In addition to her experience on the Maui County Council, Crivello has accumulated a wealth of knowledge through her many roles serving the community. She was a founding member of the Molokai Community Health Center and the Molokai Land Trust, Chair of the Maui County Fire and Public Safety Commission, and helped administer Molokai’s USDA Enterprise Community Grant, to name a few.

Crivello credits her diverse roles for teaching her what it takes to provide support for families, workers and small businesses.

“Experience has taught me that by working collaboratively and with empathy, we can find solutions to help our working families,” Crivello said. “Our efforts must be transparent, consistent and rooted in aloha.”

“It has been so humbling to see our county come together and malama one another in this time. I look forward to working with all of Maui, Molokai and Lanai to provide stability and preparedness moving forward.”


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