CPR Is A Hit

Community Contributed

By Kat Revuelto

The CPR event two weekends ago was a huge success – 24 Molokai residents learned a lot on the basic CPR techniques with hands-on training on their own inflatable “Manikin – Mini Anne” with Hawaii Life Flight’s Outreach Educational Coordinator, Lori Cannon.  Lori definitely had them engaged and taught them simple key words and rhythms to remember such as, going to the beat of “Staying Alive.”  The attendees wanted to know when we were coming back to do another educational workshop!

“I wanted to learn the basic knowledge of CPR and teach my family and staff members.  We all need to be prepared for that moment of time rather than being nervous and panicking,” said attendee John Kelly, counselor for Hoalahuo.

Molokai General Hospital staff that helped with the workshop included Dino Fontes, Lori Cannon, Puna Alcon, Jeanette Bince, and Jeanette Kawakami.

“Lori made it fun and made it easy to learn and remember the CPR basics with the “shaka” sign technique,” said attendee Cora Schnackenberg.


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