County Volleyball Thriving

Molokai Dept. of Parks and Recreation News Release

The Molokai District Parks and Recreation is proud to announce that our annual novice youth volleyball program for ages 5 to 12 is still alive and well, with the program dating back to the early 80s. After nearly four decades, the program continues to flourish with its purpose being to encourage children at a very young age to not only take up an interest in the sport but to gain an understanding of “team” and the importance of working together to build self-esteem as well as friendships.

Our program practices are well on the way with a total of 40 children actively participating, with our largest group being the 5-8 year olds.  Armed with the staff and coaches, we are able to provide these children the basic skills they need to play volleyball.  After three weeks of practices, we are ready to move them into light weight competition.

Mahalo to the County of Maui and the families for committing to the practices and games, and especially the parents who continue to be the beacon in their children’s life by being their support and biggest fans. Mahalo to the players, their families and of course the coaches who come every day out of the goodness of their hearts to teach and guide their hands.




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