County Seeks Mana`o for Budget

Mayor Alan Arakawa released the Maui County budget for fiscal year (FY) 2012 to the Maui County Council for review a few weeks ago – $632 million. Arakawa also presented revenue of $686.7 million, an increase of $59.9 million compared to FY 2011.

Arakawa said that much of the county’s increased revenues for 2012 are the result of unanticipated savings from prior years, and noted that the additional money would be a one-time deal, as the county’s regular sources of revenue are still tight, according to a report in the Maui News.

The budget is broken down into $475.3 million for county operations and $156.7 million for capital improvement projects, according to the budget summery available on the county website.

Molokai has been allocated $1.6 million in capital improvement projects. Island residents will be able to view the budget and give testimony at a meeting with council members, held April 6 at the Mitchell Pauole Center at 6 p.m.

The county council will begin to review the budget at the end of the month, and has until June 10 to approve the budget, which would then take effect July 1. For more information, visit mauicounty.gov, under the Mayor page, click on Budget Office.


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