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County Offices to Relocate After Rain Damage


Heavy rains on Feb. 5 brought a temporary closure of some county offices in the Mitchell Pauole Center, and this week they will be relocating while repairs are made. Water leaks in the roof necessitated staff to be sent home for the rest of the day on Feb. 5, but the offices reopened the next day, according to county officials, until the relocation is scheduled to begin.

The main Mitchell Pauole hall remains open and unaffected, as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles and Licensing, Council Services and Dept. of Parks and Recreation. However, the offices of Real Property Assessment/Collections, Planning, Water, and Development Services Administration will be closed from Feb. 15-19 while the move to a different building is complete. On Thursday, Feb. 20, these departments will reopen at the Moore Center on Kamoi Street, suite 300, according to county staff.

It’s not currently clear how long the roof repairs at Mitchell Pauole will take but county spokesperson Rod Antone said a plan is underway to re-roof the facility this year, subject to obtaining the necessary approvals and permits.

Mark Walker, director of the Dept. of Finance, said planning for the relocation had been in the works for some time.

“We have been preparing to move since late last year, however, we needed to ensure that we had a workable lease arrangement with our new landlord and that adequate communication infrastructure is in place for our new offices,” he said.

For questions or more information, call the main Molokai County line at (808) 553-3221.


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