County of Molokai

In the 50s and early 60s the County of Kauai had a population of 8-10,000 people.  They managed their island just fine.  Can Molokai become our own County?  I say yes —keeping the same services as fire, police, and county services.  There are more vehicles on the island today, more people will be visiting Molokai in the next five years, more want to live here, etc.
There are 155 units at Kaluakoi sitting empty that can be used and become profitable as time shares with the potential to generate sixty million dollars. Pineapple is gone from Maui and Oahu so when tourists leave the International airport they are going to take home boxes of pineapple from Puerto Rico….I don’t think so.  Hawaiian Homesteaders can organize and grow pineapple fresh fruit market only. 
There is a shortage of chocolate in the world.  There are places on Molokai that chocolate grows good.  Let’s get Hersey on board.  Generate revenue by charging more taxes for those who speculate.  Supposedly there is an exploratory committee examining the potential.  Let’s have an open discussion and honest debate on this matter and maybe the County of Molokai can happen.   Amen.
Larry Helm
Concerned citizen




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