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County Energy Cost-Savings Program

Maui County News Release 

Maui County taxpayers can expect to benefit from $73 million in energy and water conservation cost savings from a 20-year energy cost savings agreement with contractor Johnson Controls.

“This is a fiscally responsible project that saves taxpayer dollars, creates local jobs, reduces our carbon footprint, and, importantly, frees up clean water that we can use for affordable housing,” Mayor Michael Victorino said. “Reducing dependence on fossil fuels means we are taking money out of an oil tanker and keeping it right here, investing in jobs for our residents.”

The contractor expects the project will create more than 40 local jobs for the engineering, project management and maintenance support.

Earlier this year, Maui County issued a request for proposals seeking ways to reduce energy, water and fuel use countywide after oil prices spiked in December.  The county’s $29 million phase one agreement with Johnson Controls is projected to result in energy and water efficiency savings – over 20 years – of $73 million at county facilities.

The agreement’s terms require Johnson Controls and the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor project to guarantee energy and water efficiency savings, measured annually. The contractor will provide maintenance support to maintain efficiency and write a shortfall refund check to the county if projected annual savings are not met.

The projects include 141 locations at County office buildings, fire stations, police stations, parks, Department of Water Supply and Environmental Management facilities on Maui, Lanai and Molokai. These facilities will include LED lighting retrofits; plumbing fixture replacements; air infiltration and ventilation improvements; and other installations to improve resource conservation and efficiency. 

Forecasted phase one project benefits include a reduction of 2,293 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is equivalent to 7,146 barrels of oil per year. The county expects to see a 33 percent reduction in potable water consumption by Maui County, with a conservation of 87 million gallons of clean water annually through more efficient fixtures and the use of brackish water for irrigation at parks; as well as up to six percent reduction in Maui County’s total electricity bill with electricity efficiency measures. 

The County is working to include solar and storage, EV fleet vehicles, and additional efficiency improvements across all County assets.

“This project puts us on a strong footing to achieve the goals outlined in our soon-to-be-released Climate Action and Resiliency Plan,” said Alex de Roode, the County’s Energy Commissioner. “This is not just a report with goals. It is an action plan with specific measures that are urgently needed to address climate change and make our islands more resilient. Those actions have taken a big leap forward with the signing of this energy savings performance contract.  We still have more work to do to reach our clean energy and climate action goals.”

The County’s Office of Climate Change, Resiliency and Sustainability is leading this effort under Office of the Mayor. For more information, contact the office by calling (808) 270-7855 or visit mauicounty.gov/142/Office-of-Climate-Change-Resiliency-and-


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