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County Budget Proposal

County of Maui News Release

Mayor Michael Victorino presented his Fiscal Year 2021 budget proposal to members of the Maui County Council last week, proposing to lessen the financial burden on taxpayers while doing more to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our longtime fiscally conservative policies have positioned us well to face the economic hardship our nation will endure as the coronavirus disaster plays out in the weeks and months ahead,” Mayor Victorino said.

The Victorino administration has already requested a Fiscal Year 2020 budget amendment for an appropriation of $4 million from the Emergency Fund and $2 million for the HELP program. The HELP program will help residents meet their basic financial needs.

“Maui County is poised to fight the battle against COVID-19 and overcome the devastating path it has created, while still keeping an eye on our future,” Mayor Victorino said.

The proposed budget totals $869.8 million, including $165.6 million for capital improvement projects, some of which are on Molokai.

Mayor Victorino cautioned that due to uncertainties with COVID-19’s impact on the economy, it may be necessary to withhold funding or make necessary adjustments going forward. Specific proposals include:

• No rate increases for water, sewer, refuse collection, landfill tipping fees or other county services.
• A decrease in the real property tax rate for owner-occupied, commercial, industrial and hotel classifications.
• $10 million in Countywide costs to help eliminate COVID-19.
• $3.8 million to the recently tapped Emergency Fund to position Maui County for future emergencies.

Mayor Victorino proposed budget provisions to support development of attainable housing, including a $18.7 million appropriation to the Affordable Housing Fund and $3 million for the First Time Home Buyers program.

Mayor Victorino is asking councilmembers to consider $24 million for Department of Parks and Recreation facilities, which would include improvements to the Molokai gym.

For infrastructure improvements, Mayor Victorino is seeking $43 million in road improvements, $47 million in sewer improvements, $9 million in sanitation improvements and $21 million in water system improvements. On Molokai, expansion of the landfill is included.

For public safety on highways, Mayor Victorino is proposing additional Maui police officers for traffic enforcement and to combat drunken driving. Another proposal is the creation of a Children’s Peace Center for crime victims.

Mayor Victorino also proposed spending $2 million to create climate action plans in each department in the County of Maui.

“We must take action now on climate change,” he said. “To manage this effort, my office will coordinate climate action, sustainability and resiliency for the County.”

Councilmembers will review and deliberate the budget proposal. The fiscal 2021 budget goes into effect July 1, 2020.

“I look forward to collaborating with you during this budget process to make sure the needs of Maui County are taken care of, now and in the future,” he said. “I know our partnership and actions today will lead Maui County to a brighter tomorrow.”


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