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Cop Secrets Revealed

Molokai Police Dept. News Release


Psssssst! First and foremost, happy New Year! Since it’s a new year, I’m giving away 10 secrets to reduce your chances of having a negative interaction with a police officer just because, “Eh, this Molokai!”


  1. Don’t sell, use or possess any drugs that going make you or someone else pupule (crazy).


  1. Make sure your ka`a (vehicle) is all maika`i (registration, safety current, bugguh insured, everything works).


  1. No use your hands, feet, or other object to hurt someone else.


  1. If you driving, and someone calling or texting you, pull off the road.


  1. When the keiki’s in school, slow down (the fine in a school zone is big $$$$).


  1. No speaks words to another that you will regret later.


  1. No shoot gun near people’s hale (house).


  1. Your stereo shouldn’t be loud enough to where you are heard before seen.


  1. Make sure everyone in the ka`a get their seatbelt on and the keiki in their car seat (no tell them duck, get policeman).


  1. No try run or hide from the cops, you stay on one island, where you going?

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