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Cooking Catches On

Molokai Culinary Center News Release

It looks like the Molokai Culinary Center (MCC) has hit a nerve. Whether it’s the high cost of dining out, sentimental memories of family recipes, or simply an inspiration ready to be acted upon, the idea of cooking lessons is taking off. Don Hill, the chef and principal instructor at MCC reports that during July, August and September, nearly 20 people attended six lessons/workshops and practiced a total of 21 different recipes. A few brave souls have attended as many as three sessions each. The most productive session was on Friday, Sept. 16, when four participants created 224 servings of pastry for the St. Damien Country Fair in only three hours! The most economical session was the tortilla class, coordinated by Brianne Childs, where participants made 10 flour tortillas with 60 cents worth of flour. Hill made a tortilla press before the class and Childs said that she will never buy another tortilla.

While the initial demand has been for baking classes, Hill wants the community to know that he is prepared to teach an array of lessons, including soups, salads, pupus, main dishes and desserts. He has several software programs he can demonstrate, and a virtually unlimited source of recipes, from the internet and his chef friends on Facebook.
Another suggestion which will be put into action is a “couples night,” where one or more couples book an evening lesson ending with a three course meal served on the lanai. Hill envisions two versions. The first has the couple working together; and the second has one person arriving two hours before the “dinner guest.”  He plans to run the first couples evening before the end of September.

The MCC continues to look for a commercial kitchen. There is no charge for cooking lessons, but donations toward food costs or food contributions such as venison, fish or produce is appreciated, and probably would result in an invitation to dinner.   

Don and the MCC are convinced that both good nutrition and pleasant dining will contribute to not only a better and longer life, but a happy family. They are prepared to work with any other island agency which shares this value. For further information contact Don at 553-5804, uncldon@aloha.net or catch him at Friendly Market, where he gives quick cooking lessons in the grocery aisles.


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