Continuing to Thrive

Molokai History Project News Release

This history project continues to thrive and grow thanks to our wonderful community and your support. Thank you to Misaki’s and to Molokai Drugs who allowed us to place huge posters guiding the community to the library. Thank you to the staff at the library where we have been allowed to install our Paniolo Exhibit, with a nod to many of our Molokai cowboys with saddles and lots of facts and photos. Thank you to the staff at the airport as our beautiful display case, built locally, is placed right in the center of the departure lounge allowing you to walk all the way around to see the beautiful display for the history project and the Molokai Arts Center. The display will be changed every six weeks.
It’s springtime! Our step is a little lighter, our smile a little brighter, and it is happy days at 145 Ala Malama in Kaunakakai – the Molokai History Project. Our doors are often open before 8 a.m. and if you are visiting late afternoon we always stay open until you have had time to enjoy all the exhibits. We want you to have plenty of time as there are many wonderful photos, notebooks full of information that has been gathered through the years, but we’ve also done lots of research on our current exhibits so now is the time to pull up a chair, choose your subject and read to your heart’s content. If you haven’t had time to stop by and you let us know, we can always open a little early for you before you head to work. Come when you can! Look for the big red banner, compliments of the high school art department, hanging above our door. We have lots of exciting plans ahead. We’ll keep you posted!
And thank you to all of you who have supported our project by sharing memories and photos and artifacts. You have made the Molokai History Project the interesting special place it has become today. Thank you to you, our incredible Molokai community!



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