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Continuing Success for Robotics Teams

MMS STEM Robotics News Release


Photo courtesy MMS Robotics.

Molokai Middle School’s STEM Robotics Team 434 opened their 2015-2016 VEX IQ Robotics year, bringing home first, second and third place finishes in the first two tournaments of the season on Oahu and Maui.

On Sept. 5, Team 434K Kalo Farmers and Team 434M Menehune Farmers traveled to Island Pacific Academy in Kapolei, Oahu for the 2015 aio Aloha VEX IQ Tournament. After the qualifications round, Team Kalo Farmers was ranked sixth while Team Menehune Farmers was ranked eighth. Going into the finals round, the Kalo Farmers were partnered with fifth place Mililani Masters while the Menehune Farmers were partnered with seventh place Castle Knights. In the end, it was the Menehune Farmers that took home second place honors with 77 points, while the Kalo Farmers brought home third place with a close 70 points. First place went to host IPA Navigators with partner HS Robotics and a tournament high of 97 points.

On Sept. 25, Molokai traveled to Baldwin High School for the 2015 aio Maui County Fair VEX IQ Tournament. Team Kalo Farmers led the field throughout almost the whole qualifications round with consistently high scores in the 80s and 90s. Heading into the finals round, the Kalo Farmers were ranked second with 484 points right behind brother school IPA in first with 505 points. They would combine in the final championship match number seven for the finale. The Menehune Farmers were ranked seventh with 310 points and would partner with Lahaina Intermediate Robotics number four in eighth place with 295 points for finals match number four in the finale.

In the end for Molokai, Team Menehune Farmers came out in third place alongside their partner Lahaina with 72 points, while Team Kalo Farmers took top honors of Tournament Teamwork Champion alongside their partner IPA with a tournament high score of 109 points. In addition, the Kalo Farmers also came away with a second top Tournament honor of Middle School Excellence Award. Both Teamwork Champion and Middle School Excellence Awards are state-qualifying trophies, thereby double-qualifying Team Kalo Farmers for the State Tournament in February 2016.

In other competitions, Team Menehune Farmers came in second place for Programming Skills with 43 points right behind IPA in first with 46 points. Likewise, Team Menehune Farmers came in second place for Robot Driving Skills with 69 points with Team Kalo Farmers a close third with 65 points, riding right on the tail of first place IPA with 70 points.

Team Kalo Farmers are Captain Kapiliula Naehu-Ramos and Drivers Randall Cabreros and Nehemiah Hiro-Kadowaki. Team Menehune Farmers are Captain Kaluhea Dudoit and Drivers Brian DeMello and Gabrielle Miguel.

Next for 434 is the Maui County VEX IQ Tournament on Dec. 19 at Baldwin High.


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