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Continuing Quest in Sexual Violence Prevention

Consuelo Foundation, Molokai News Release

The Consuelo Team of Molokai continues to do primary education on the prevention of sexual violence with an emphasis on prevention of child sexual abuse.  In September, we had a two-day training session with the Sexual Abuse Treatment Center facilitated by the Education Coordinator HaeOk Miller.  In lieu of our training, women from different on-island agencies were invited to have lunch on Sept. 5 with HaeOk.  The discussion included on how we all can collaborate as a community to protect our children against this prevalent but quiet issue.

On Oct. 16, Dr. Barry Coyne, state prison psychologist, had an opportunity to meet with both on-island agencies and community members discussing what happens to “sex offenders” and how they are rehabilitated back into the community.  Dr. Barry Coyne said with treatment and support of family and community members, there is less chance of recidivism of the “offender.” Offenders go through a multi-therapy conditioning starting with accepting responsibility to being able to think for themselves and trying to find solutions to why they did what they did.

Our island team members consist of Andrea “Titi” Hernandez, Kealoha Kevin Hooper, Ruth Kanani Costales, along with three interns Nahe Kawano, Tammy Lynn Ross and Jera Pali.  With the collaboration of the kupuna members of our team, they work with our high school students on a weekly basis going back to basics and our cultural values of respect and self-respect.  We continue to collaborate with schools teaching young children safe boundaries.  We are presently collaborating with the Department of Education and other agencies in Primary Education on indicators, disclosures and protocols to disclosures.  We will be out in different parts of our community to answer any questions anyone might have on what we do starting November.  Don’t be shy to approach us, all questions, comments or opinions are welcomed.

If you should have any questions, our direct phone number is 660-2619 and we are located at the Molokai Community Health Center, Room #204.  We will continue to inform the community of any workshops or meetings and all are invited to attend.


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