Connecting Kalaupapa

Settlement to receive broadband Internet service in July

Next month, Kalaupapa residents can expect to receive broadband Internet service for the first time in the settlement’s history. Workers and patient residents of the famously remote peninsula have often felt isolated, with little or no Internet, sometimes unreliable telephones, and limited physical access.

“This is a major step forward in communications for Kalaupapa,” said Department of Health Kalaupapa Administrator Mark Miller, who added settlement officials have been trying to get high speed Internet to Kalaupapa for the past four years. Miller said the installation will also mark the first time his office will be able to be connected to the state DOH system, rather than operating largely through the postal service.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable is providing this service by extending its fiber network down to the previously inaccessible peninsula.

Oceanic will deliver Internet by connecting the settlement with its existing system topside, according to a statement from Sen. Daniel Inouye’s office. The senator was instrumental in obtaining the federal funding to bring the improvement, according to Miller.

Oceanic will also be providing additional video services to Kalaupapa including digital feeds and High Definition programming that parallel the service offerings on topside Molokai, read the statement. Miller said the television services will be coming sometime in the future, however.

“Making broadband Internet service available will help to improve the quality of life for the residents and workers of the Kalaupapa community,” said Inouye. “Telecommunications and technology should be made available and accessible to everyone.”

“We are pleased to be working with Senator Inouye and his team on these important initiatives,” said Bob Barlow, President of Oceanic Time Warner Cable. “Besides launching broadband Internet service, Oceanic is committed to enhancing the TV service we provide to the residents of Kalaupapa.”

Oceanic said broadband Internet service will be available to the settlement on or about July 4.


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  1. lupgurl53 says:


    Well there is not really much to say but I am totally estatic to finally have road runner here in Kalaupapa. I can’t speak for everyone else but we all totally agree that this sure beats dialup anyday. I find myself now having to limit myself to a least a half hour in the morning and same as for my evenings or I will be running amok on the internet. To our Senator Inouye I am very grateful and our the patients of Kalaupapa. Mahalo for allowing us the pleasure if getting abit of outside world through the internet. Mahalo everyone who had helped also.


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