Concert in the Country

On Saturday, Nov. 5, our Purdy `Ohana had a “Concert in the Country.”   It was a beautiful night with great music, great food, and most of all, a great crowd.  But, our sincerest apologies go out to the Molokai Fire Dept., Fire Inspector Rick Schonely, the Molokai Police Dept., and the Molokai community for an unfortunate fire that occurred during our event.  We definitely do not condone illegal fireworks, and it was not part of our planning, but in a crowd of over 200 people we had no control over what had happened.  We didn’t see who did it in the midst of all that was going on, but it was a well-learned lesson for us all.  We were so fortunate that it was contained and didn’t cause any major damage.

Much mahalo goes out to the Molokai Fire Dept. and a few brave civilians who stepped up, took control, and quickly put out the blaze.  Aside of this unfortunate occurrence, it was a great success.

We would also like to thank all the people who donated their time, equipment, raffle prizes, hard work and to the Molokai community for all of your support.  To the musicians:  Darren Benitez, Moke Boy, Max Sanchez, Six Pak, Maoli, and our emcee Uncle Wayne Puaoi, “Mahalo plenty, awesome job!”

Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!  
The Purdy `Ohana


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