Community Resists Wind Project

Developers moving forward with studies, permitting process

Molokai Renewables wind developers planned to host an open-house discussion about the proposed wind turbines project last Tuesday, but community members interrupted their agenda. Taking bold steps to express their mana`o, anti-wind supporters of the Molokai group I Aloha Molokai (IAM) ignored informational posters sitting on tables, except to draw large red Xs through two.

“Cut the crap and get to the point,” IAM organizer Kanohowailuku Helm said as he stood up during Molokai Renewables’ introduction. He walked over to each of the developers in the audience, handing them Ziploc baggies filled with coins. “What’s it gonna cost you guys to leave us alone?”

say yes to anything because some people don’t like it, we can’t do that.”

He said Molokai residents should still discuss benefits in case those permits are granted.
Peter Nicholas, CEO of MPL, declined requests for comment last week.

More information about Molokai Renewables is available at www.patternenergy.com/molokairenewables or by e-mailing info@molokai-renewables.com. More information about IAM is available at www.IAlohaMolokai.com or by e-mailing IAlohaMolokai@gmail.com.


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  1. paniolo says:

    I was linked here from http://www.mauinews.com/page/content.detail/id/563210/Viewpoint–Plans-for-Hana-are-cause-for-concern.htm and it had some really good information. I was wondering though if anyone is listening though? I mean sure we can express how we feel about a subject, but the people making the decisions? They just seem to keep doing what they want.

  2. Wiegand says:

    The people behind the wind industry are professional liars. They will say anything to get a project approved. You will be told how good this is for the world, for your community, and for renewable mandates that must be met. Remember the mandates were put in place by them and this is really all about their bank accounts.

  3. mainlander says:

    Fight Da Power!


  4. Catherine Cluett says:

    Aloha Beachgoer,
    Frank Leary, who made the original “Slow Down This is Molokai” sign, also made the I Aloha Molokai sign. No hard feelings between the signs!
    -Molokai Dispatch staff

  5. beachgoer says:

    The AntiWindmill Sign at the Airport needs to be moved to a new spot. Its current location is covering up a long-standing sign that we all recognize “Slow Down This is Molokai”. Whoever put up the AntiWindmill sign is wrong to think that they can just cover up another sign with their own.

    This is the same type of inconsiderate behavior that Molokai does not want or need! Auwe!!

    To the leaders of IAM – Please kokua and move your sign to its own spot without covering up someone else’s sign.

    There’s room for everyone (and their sign) on Molokai. If we start covering up each other’s sign, what’s next? Shouting down each other at meetings? Cutting off each other on the road? Cutting in line at the post office? No way!!!

    Thanks in advance for moving your sign!

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