To Community Leaders…

In Hulili, Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaii Well-Being, Vol. 5 (2008), “Molokai: Future of a Hawaii Island,” it states that Molokai is the last Hawaiian island, that Molokai is pro-lifestyle, that Molokai is a cultural repository for it is a place where people come to learn Hawaiian culture and more. This publication was written by a hui of `opio and makua with many community contributors’ mana`o. On these fifty pages, the document states their efforts to carry forward the holistic vision to protect and nurture the natural and cultural resources for the future of Molokai.

These writers are a few of the young committed and dedicated leaders n our community who (1) acknowledged culture and history (2) connected with kupuna and community members (3) led by example (4) were activated spiritually by a higher power (`Akua) and (5) did not turn away from adverse challenged, but persevered…Pono!

On pages 54-56, a list of these leaders includes: M. Akutugawa, K. Hanchette, K. Mick, N. Leong, J. Pastrana, H. Williams, M. Yamashita, N. Yamashita and T. Yamashita. May their leadership example inspire `opio and makua in the community to be the best in serving others.

Molokai is proud of you and so am I! In addition, further research findings worth reading in Hulili, Vol. 5 were written by young Hawaiian leaders in our state. To name a few, they are Shawn Kana`iaupuni, Ku`ualoha Ho`omanawanui, Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua, and Kanoelani Naone. I found Guy Kaulukukui and Daniel Naho`opi`i’s, “The Development of an Inventory of Exemplary Hawaiian Leadership Behaviors,” pages 95-131, profoundly interesting and you will, too.

F.K. Dart – Makahanaloa


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