College Set to Expand Under Land Deal

Molokai’s community college has cleared a major milestone in expanding its campus.

Molokai Properties Ltd (MPL) and the University of Hawaii (UH), which acquired Molokai’s college last year, reached a price agreement two weeks ago over an adjacent 3.2 acre parcel owned by MPL, also known as Molokai Ranch. The purchase price was settled at $400,000.

“I’m just glad we finally got to the point of agreeing on a purchase price,” said David Tamenaha, vice chancellor of administrative affairs at UH.

“The extension of the community college is important,” said MPL’s CEO Peter Nicholas at a meeting last week.

The campus, now known as UH Maui College – Molokai, has been trying to purchase surrounding properties for 22 years, according to Molokai’s coordinator and professor, Donna Haytko-Paoa. In the 2001 Molokai Community Plan, 15 acres next to Duke Maliu Park was officially designated for higher education on Molokai. However, after land prices dropped, Molokai’s representatives have struggled to find a middle ground with MPL.

Haytko-Paoa said in a past interview the college is buying land in phases due to its budget.

Tamenaha said the university will now request the Board of Regents to approve the deal, as well as request Governor Abercrombie to release the funds that have been appropriated for Molokai.


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