Close Call

On June 26, my mother Margaret “Maka” Joao. who is 89 years old, went unconscious at church. Everything happened so fast that I felt like I was watching a movie happening right in my presence. I want to thank the church members for taking action in preventing my mom from hurting herself more, should she have fallen. I also want to thank Carol Kanemitsu’s quick thinking and take charge attitude; I am truly grateful. I especially want to thank the following people: The 911 dispatcher; whoever she is, thank you very much. Your calmness made it so much easier for me to give you the information you needed to pass on to the Emergency Medical Response Team.

Tim Musick and Keku Likua, thank you very much for your help, understanding and compassion. Tim, when I watched you put all of the information concerning my mom on to your gloves, it continues to make me smile. Please do not retire anytime soon. Keku, you are in the right profession with the right team. I am also grateful to the other team members who were present. I have not forgotten you although I did not get your names – Thank you ever so much. The men with Maui – Molokai Fire Department, I thank you also for standing by. My mother was air vac-ed out to Queens Medical Center the same day. Her battery to her pacemaker was changed, and she has bounced back to her normal self with no complications. Molokai is proud of you all and so are my family.

Colleen Leimomi (Joao) Bordeaux and Tinamarie Leialoha Matthews


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