Clift Cairncross Cullen

Clift Cairncross Cullen, known as Cairn, age 84, of Clovis, California passed away on Saturday, April 13, 2024. Although he was born in San Francisco on Sept. 27, 1939 to Herbert Francis Cullen and Gretchen Heilborn Cullen (Bierbach), Cairn was raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and always considered it home. Cairn was a Punahou School and University of Southern California graduate, and a teacher at CSU Fresno for 42 years. He is predeceased by his girlfriend of 51 years, Barbara Bradberry.
Cairn loved challenging projects of all sizes and he took on one of his largest in 2013 when he purchased an abandoned parcel of land on Molokai. Littered with forgotten heavy equipment and a home which had been open to the elements for years, he methodically engaged the challenge with the energy of a person 20 years his junior. He worked for the majority of each year tirelessly, pausing only to return to Clovis to reload shipping containers with more supplies for his project.
Relationships with good people were of high value to Cairn. He was a dedicated son, friend and coworker. Cairn’s health began to deteriorate in January of 2024 for the final time, and he passed away at his home in Clovis on April 13 due to complications from lymphoma.


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