Clean Teeth

Mahalo to everyone who exchanged their toothbrush on Saturday, Nov. 20! The toothbrush exchange was a hit! There were 140 toothbrushes exchanged which means that we expect 140 cleaner mouths for the next three to four months (remember, we must change our toothbrushes every three to four months, or when the bristles are all worn).

The winner of the free dental check-up and cleaning goes to: Tetyana V. She is new here, so we welcome her to this island and to the Molokai Community Health Center.

The whole dental staff was there that morning: Agatha, Tiana and Shyla – so I would like to thank them for their time. I would also like to thank Molokai Community Health Center and Na Pu`uwai for their support, and Friendly Market Center for the space.

Come by our clinic, near the drug store, next to Kamoi’s Snack-N-Go and schedule yourself for a check-up and cleaning!

Boki Chung


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