Chungs Go to China

By Mel Chung

Since its opening in May 2010, 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai, China has been visited by a good number of our Molokaians: Lydia Trinidad and her mom, the Henry Levi ohana and former Governor Lingle. We were among the last attendees just before its October closing ceremony period of Oct. 25-31. We always wanted to go to a world’s fair or expo, and since we were in the area for training, we decided to go.

After eight years of planning and preparation, Shanghai welcomed a record breaking number of participants from around the world: 192 countries, 50 international organizations and 18 private enterprises (such as Coca Cola). Each of these entities constructed their architecturally distinguished, eye appealing pavilions at the city’s gigantic expo site. They showcased this year’s theme – “Better City, Better Life” – through their unique culture, technical know-how and the trend of a carbonless future.

 We could not get into the American or Philippines Pavilion, but we did succeed in entering the Portugal pavilion and sampled their signature baked egg custard dessert. We visited a number of other interesting countries’ pavilions, such as Rwanda. Kenya had a picture of President Obama with his relatives proudly displayed. The fun part of each country is that each has their own seal.  This seal was stamped into your souvenir book to prove that you visited that country’s pavilion. We collected a total of 18 expo country stamps in two days!

 We also decided to take a day trip to Hangzhou, the place famous for its “West Lake” beauty and the folklore of the white snake who transformed herself into human form. Wow, when we got there, the West Lake was dotted with tourists. Just imagine our peaceful Molokai wharf with its million-dollar view swarming with tourists from one end to the other!




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