Christmas Miracle

A big mahalo, how Ke Akua truly blessed us. I prayed to watch over my family [last month] as they go on their way, and He truly answered when my brother’s car went out of control and he made it out of it safely. And how a Molokai police officer put his life on the line to save my brother’s. My brother Gaig Yap wants to thank all who helped and who were on the road at the time, a big apology. And Kaika Bishaw for putting his life first to save my brother’s, all the other officers that helped, and the police dispatch that helped him on the phone.  It was our Christmas miracle. We are blessed. There are no words that can explain how grateful we are that my little brother was safe.

Thank you,

Brej Lorico, Kabbie Bicoy and Larie Yap


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