The Choking Game

Submitted by OLA Molokai

I have learned of a game being played today by our youth.  It is called “faith,” but it is known by many other different names such as, “blackout,” “passout,” etc.  It’s a potentially deadly oxygen deprivation activity that kids do to achieve a “floaty,” “high” sensation. Some keiki do it out of curiosity or peer pressure. Since I have learned of its existence on Molokai, it has consumed my thoughts and I have been researching this and trying to get the word out to make others aware of this so-called “game,” not only in fear for my own keiki, but for anyone’s keiki.

What I learned is that this game has been played for generations in different forms, in the past, with a partner, as our keiki are doing here.  However, in the U.S. it is getting more common for youth to move away from playing with a partner to playing on their own.  This is when most deaths occur.  What I am most concerned about is our older keiki going home to try it on their younger siblings.  I have spoken with one parent on this island whose keiki have done just that.

We at OLA Molokai have committed to doing what we can to educate our youth of Molokai. We cannot turn our heads and pretend we don’t know what’s going on in our own schools, homes, and community.  Silence is approval!  If you have keiki, please sit down and discuss this with them.  Show them the effects of this so-called “game.”  And, please pass on the word.  Let’s be pro-active and not wait until one of our “pua” get seriously injured or dies.

E lauhoe kakou e ho`ona`auao i ka kakou po`e keiki! Let’s move forward together in educating our keiki!


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