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Child Abuse Prevention Scenarios

Consuelo Foundation Molokai News Release

Though Molokai is a small community, we’re not immune from child abuse. Education is an important step in prevention. Parents, don’t be afraid to talk to your children about staying safe and healthy. Here are two scenarios that you can discuss with your children:

1) When Junior goes to the doctor, the doctor looks at all of his body parts to make sure he is not sick. The doctor checks his nose, his arms, his tummy, and his private parts. Is the doctor checking Junior’s private parts to keep him healthy? Yes or no?

The answer is yes, to keep Junior healthy. Is this touch safe? Yes.

2) Jane was over at her neighbor’s house and they were watching a movie. During the movie, her neighbor touched Jane on her private parts. Is Jane’s neighbor trying to keep Jane healthy? Yes or no?

The answer is no. Is Jane’s neighbor breaking our safety rule? Yes.

Always remember, “no one should touch my private parts unless it’s to keep me healthy!” Unsafe touching of private parts is never a child’s fault.

School is back in session and we will be working with different schools to do the SATC My Body Is Special, My Body/My Boundaries, and respect. Call us at our office at 660-2619 (Kealoha Hooper, Andrea “Titi” Hernandez and Kanani Costales) to book a date for us to come to your school and do direct education on how to stay safe and healthy.

This message is bought to you by the Molokai Consuelo Team/Molokai Child Abuse Prevention.


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